Glenview Parent Council Meets on the first Monday of each month at 7:00pm in the Library.

All parents are welcome to attend council meetings. If you wish to attend and have an item you would like added to the meeting agenda, please contact the Council Chair (below). It is important that we have advance notice of your agenda item so that we schedule enough time for the meeting.

2018/2019 Parent Council

·         Chair:  Tim Rye 

·         Secretary: Erin Alvarez

·         Treasurer: Christine Sawchuck

·         Communications: Amanda McKeown

·         Special Events: Gennifer Lynch

·         Fundraising: Joanne Jones

·         Principal: Reg Farnand

.         Vice Principal: Nancy Trainor

·         Teaching Representative: Laurie McHaffie

·         Community Rep: Sheila Slattery-Ford

·         Members at Large:  Catherine Moskal, Sarah Whitehead, Gladys Caffey,
                                           Heather Ingram, Dan McKeown